• Your hands-free drink carriers.
  • Fits a variety of cans or bottle sizes.
  • Can prevent losing the cup and deposit.
  • Convenient for festivals, concerts, or events.
  • Free up your hands for food, photos, or activities.
  • Won’t have to search for a place to set your drink down.

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* Cup Not included with lanyard cup holder


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Introducing Don Hardware’s lanyard cup holder with a carabiner – the perfect accessory for your next music festival! The built-in carabiner clip easily attaches to backpacks, belts, and more, making it the perfect accessory for festival goers and outdoor enthusiasts.



With the majority of music festivals switching to reusable cups in an effort to reduce plastic waste, the problem of where to store your cup. Save yourself from constantly losing the cup deposit and help save the environment. With the reusable lanyard festival cup holder, you can ensure your cups are always on hand!


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Size: 20*930mm
Material: Polyester
Colour: Blue

Rubber Band:
Size: 202*12*2mm
Material: Silicone rubber
Colour: Blue

Size: Length: 6cm, Width: 3cm, Diameter: 0.5cm
Material: Zinc alloy
Colour: Aluminium alloy

How to Use

First: stretch the band around the beverage holder making sure it has a tight grip around the cup, bottle or can.

Second: hang the holder around yourself either with the lanyard or the carabiner. This feature gives you many ways to hang the cup holder off you.

Where to hang the cup holder?

  • Around your neck like a neckless (Most Popular)
  • Around your waist
  • On your shoulder
  • To your bag

Third: Now you need to take advantage of this product. If you’re at a festival, you need to be pulling some hard dance moves. If you’re on a hike you can take twice as many pictures for the memories.

Other Uses

A friend leash: do you always that that one friend at a festival that keeps on wondering off from the crowd and getting lost cos their so hammered. The simple solution to that problem is to use the cup holder as a leash. Tie one end to your friend’s waist or bag and hold the other. This idea took place in Boomtown fair 2019 and worked perfectly.

A Sling: Broken your arm? Make sure you have your cup holder always on hand to be used a temporary sling, before going to the emergency services.


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